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© 2017 Lehigh Valley Autism Guide. All rights reserved. ​**Please note that LVAG does not endorse any businesses, therapies or medical recommendations. This website is designed to be an informational resource for caregivers to make their own decisions regarding the needs of their child. This information does not replace advice of medical, legal, therapeutic or educational professionals. Although providers are listed, the Lehigh Valley Autism Guide does not recommend or endorse any business,therapist, therapy or community organization. LVAG provides general information as a service to the community.This website is purely an informational resource for parents to use their own judgement to make their own informed decisions based on the needs of their child so Lehigh Valley Autism Guide won't be held liable for outcomes due to many variables.  This information does not replace advice of medical,legal or educational professionals. 

"Different not less."

Dr. Temple Grandin

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